Unexpected Win for Morecambe FC Fan

Morecambe FC supporter Thomas Dixon who has been playing the Goalden Gate Superdraw for around seven years was pleasantly surprised to pick up this week’s £1,000 Jackpot!

Mr Dixon has a great love for the football club and is one of many fans who play the weekly lottery to help support the Community Projects in and around Morecambe. So far the Goalden Gate Superdraw has brought in over £425,000 towards the good causes of the football club.

City fan scoops Goalden Gate grand

Bath City fan, Angela Butera, was the lucky £1,000 Jackpot winner in the Goalden Gate Superdraw last week.

Angela and her family are all City fans and attended the match against Dorking which seen Bath City extend their run in the league taking them up to sixth in the table.

So far the Goalden Gate Superdraw has raised more than £35,000 for Bath City FC which is a terrific achievement.