Positive 2019 for Beacon Centre

2019 was a positive year for MSA Ltd and Beacon Centre for the Blind as together we managed to raise over an incredible £9,200 to help support people affected with sight loss in the West Midlands and South Staffordshire.

As well as raising a fantastic sum of money we were able to increase Goalden Gate Superdraw membership by 2% compared to the start of the year by adding 100 new members throughout the year. Overall Beacon Centre for the Blind has managed to raise over £171,000 through the lottery scheme and we hope that more is yet to come.

Beacon Centre are a fantastic charity who have been around since 1875 and continually help people living with vision impairment by focusing on the ability, not the disability of a person. Beacon represent the local community by running a range of programmes across the Black Country and Staffordshire as well as offering initiatives such as Low Vision Assessments, a Befriending Service, ActivEyes and much more. If you wish to find out more about the Beacon Centre and the good work they do please visit www.BeaconVision.org