Goalden Gate Superdraw continues to support the great work of Leukaemia Care!

MSA Ltd and Leukaemia Care have been working together through the Goalden Gate Superdraw since 2016 and in that time have formed a strong relationship based around raising as much funds as possible to support the great work that the Leukaemia Care team provide on a daily basis.

Monica Izmajlowicz, Chief Operating Officer at Leukaemia Care, said “On behalf of Leukaemia Care and the Goalden Gate Superdraw, I would like to thank you for your support of our lottery. Since the partnership began in 2016, the lottery has raised £51,000 for Leukaemia Care. Your ongoing commitment helps patients and their families access practical and emotional support, information and advice to live better with their blood cancer. We value our relationship with MSA Ltd and the Goalden Gate Superdraw as a good source of income.”

Below are some of the key achievements Leukaemia Care accomplished in 2019 which were made possible with the support of the Goalden Gate Superdraw:

  • Their nurses took 3,003 calls, emails and WhatsApp messages from patients and their families, providing them with specialist support and information.
  • Their travel grants reduced the burden of hospital travel costs for 250 patients and their families.
  • They supported 32 people struggling with the emotional fallout of their Leukaemia diagnosis by providing each with six sessions of counselling.
  • They published 19 new information booklets, with over 50 information booklets now available to download from their website www.leukaemiacare.org.uk
  • Hospital support workers provided 2,727 sessions of advice as well as practical and emotional support to patients within clinics and on hospital wards
  • They reduced the isolation of a blood cancer diagnosis for 2,057 people through their nationwide support groups, patient conferences and one to one buddy support – bringing people together with a similar diagnosis
  • 400 GPs completed either their free online course or attended a training event aimed to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of blood cancer – early diagnosis saves lives
  • 142 nurses completed either their free online course, attended one of their nurse conferences or received a bursary– helping them complete professional training that will enhance the care and treatment of blood cancer patients.
  • And they managed to help get the hashtag #SpotLeukaemia reached by over 11.5 million people in 2019, double the number they reached last year.