Positive 2019 for Beacon Centre

2019 was a positive year for MSA Ltd and Beacon Centre for the Blind as together we managed to raise over an incredible £9,200 to help support people affected with sight loss in the West Midlands and South Staffordshire.

As well as raising a fantastic sum of money we were able to increase Goalden Gate Superdraw membership by 2% compared to the start of the year by adding 100 new members throughout the year. Overall Beacon Centre for the Blind has managed to raise over £171,000 through the lottery scheme and we hope that more is yet to come.

Beacon Centre are a fantastic charity who have been around since 1875 and continually help people living with vision impairment by focusing on the ability, not the disability of a person. Beacon represent the local community by running a range of programmes across the Black Country and Staffordshire as well as offering initiatives such as Low Vision Assessments, a Befriending Service, ActivEyes and much more. If you wish to find out more about the Beacon Centre and the good work they do please visit www.BeaconVision.org

Beacon Centre use events to promote Goalden Gate Superdraw

The Beacon Centre are making use of having a full calendar of events over the summer and beyond to promote the Goalden Gate Superdraw. Over the years MSA Ltd and Beacon Centre have worked closely together to help improve services to people with sight loss by raising money through the Goalden Gate Superdraw – with over £167,000 secured for the charity so far!

Firstly, awareness for the Beacon Centre was made at a pub quiz event held by Jenni Marson and Garry Stevens (above) who were able to raise over £350 through their hard work. The quiz went very well with everyone having a lot of fun, especially ‘The Scouts’ (pictured below) who were the winning team.

Next up was the Penkridge Classic Car Show on the 30th June which Beacon were invited to as a way of raising awareness of the charity’s work in the Staffordshire area. Overall, the event was a success with some fantastic cars on show and almost £150 in ticket sales sold for the Goalden Gate Superdraw from our Lottery Team.

Beacon will be holding several events over the coming months including the Dudley Classic Car Show on 13th July and the Whistle Foundation Sports Dinner on 19th July as well as attending Hednesfield Carnival and making appearances at both Monmore Green and Molineux Stadium.