Canterbury City FC reach £15k Milestone

Over the years we have worked with Canterbury City FC to operate the Goalden Gate Superdraw on their behalf and now we can announce that, with help from Midland Sporting Association, the club have managed to raise an incredible £15,000 through the lottery scheme. This is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved at the football club as they look to increase membership in the lottery scheme which helps support the Youth Development Structure at the club.

Prior to the season being cut short, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Canterbury City were sitting just outside the play-off positions in the Southern Counties East League Premier.

Ramsgate FC Membership on the Rise

Over the course of the last month Ramsgate FC have managed to almost quadruple their Goalden Gate Superdraw membership by working an active canvassing campaign within the local community. As well as this Ramsgate have managed to strike up a deal with parents of the club’s youth players that sees them play in the draw as part of their playing fees.

The forward thinking club have already made over £15,000 through the lottery scheme but are certainly making adjustments so as to reap more revenue from the draw. This is just another example of Ramsgate FC demonstrating commitment and continued improvement to the development of the Ramsgate Youth Teams.

Goalden Gate Superdraw helping support Youth Development at Yeovil

In the last six seasons Yeovil Town FC have been working with MSA Ltd through the Goalden Gate Superdraw to help generate as much income as possible for the aims of the Youth Development of the club. In this time the partnership has been an absolute success in that over £430,000 has been brought into the club to help support the youth players with the hope that they integrate into the first team squad.

Dave Linney, Yeovil Town Commercial Manager, had huge praise for the lottery scheme saying “The financial support by playing the Goalden Gate Superdraw has helped raise considerable funds towards our Youth Development at Yeovil Town Football Club. The development of our youth is going from strength to strength with four players given professional contracts over the past few months. Academies/Youth Development are the life blood of every football club with the hope of unearthing the next superstar of the future. The Goalden Gate Superdraw is a valuable source of revenue for The Academy.”

Both Yeovil Town and MSA Ltd are looking forward to seeing more youth talent flourish in the developmental system and eventually make their way to the first team squad.